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Youth on Track is a scheme for identifying and responding to young people at risk of criminal offence or who may already be in the criminal justice system.

The Youth on Track scheme is based on early intervention principles and an interagency approach to the management of the needs of these young people and their families. It is designed to prevent young people from becoming entrenched in criminal behaviour.

A review of the current management of young people at risk of entering the justice system was undertaken in 2010-11. The review included extensive consultation with government and non-government organisations, community groups and others working in the juvenile justice field.

The Youth on Track scheme builds on a number of the important recommendations of that review including the need to focus on intervening early and reducing the problems that make some young people more likely to commit crime.

News and announcements

The NSW Privacy Commissioner has made public interest directions in relation to the Youth on Track program. The public interest directions will help facilitate the important transfer of information between the participating government agencies and non-government organisations who are involved in this strategy.