Welcome to the website for Youth on Track

Youth on Track is an early intervention scheme for 10–17 year-olds that identifies and responds to young people at risk of long-term involvement in the criminal justice system.

Youth on Track provides the Police and Education with an opportunity to refer young people, known to be at medium to high risk of offending, to a support service without requiring a mandate. The young person's engagement in Youth on Track is voluntary.

The Department of Justice funds non-government organisations to engage eligible young people and their families in case management and to provide evidence-based interventions that respond to a young person's identified offending related risks and needs. Evidence demonstrates that programs that work across social settings, such as within the family and school, can impact on the whole of the young person's life.

Youth on Track has the benefit of multi-agency support and aims to work collaboratively with other service providers to ensure consistent service provision without duplication of service.