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The Youth on Track scheme 

The new Youth on Track scheme aims to separate legal outcomes from intervention in most cases and places a strong emphasis on and intervening early, engaging families and responding to real and definable problems.

The scheme proposes creating a system of case management that can be entered by a young person who is over 10 years of age and may be identified as at risk.

The scheme introduces significant changes in NSW in the way the justice system manages young offenders. Find out more about how we are changing.

Key features of the Youth on Track scheme are:

  • Intervening earlier to divert young people from the criminal justice system
  • One-on-one case management to manage and support juvenile offenders and those at risk of offending
  • Separating treatment from punishment
  • Responding to risk and need rather than simply to crime
  • Responding promptly to enable a response to an immediate problem

There are a number of key principles that are fundamental to the design and implementation of this scheme. Find out more about the key principles of the Youth on Track scheme.

The Youth on Track scheme has six key elements:

  1. Identification and Referral
  2. Screening
  3. Assessment
  4. Case Management
  5. Intervention
  6. Exit

Find out more about the six key elements of the Youth on Track scheme.

The Youth on Track process

View a flowchart diagram of the path a young person may follow through the Youth on Track scheme [PDF,14kb].