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Principles of the Youth on Track scheme

There are a number of key principles that are fundamental to the design and implementation of the Youth on Track scheme:

Emphasise community safety

Invest in innovative policy approaches and interventions that maximize the public safety by reducing crime.

Focus on rehabilitation

The rehabilitation of young people who offend is both a moral imperative and a requirement for achieving reduced crime rates and improved public safety. Breaking the cycle of crime and turning lawbreakers into law-abiding citizens is a priority because it advances public safety, reduces future offending and minimizes the number of future victims.

Use evidence-based interventions

There is a wealth of research and evidence about what works in rehabilitating young people who offend. This knowledge should lead decisions about the interventions applied with young people involved in the criminal justice system.

Make best use of taxpayer dollars

Invest programmatic and service funds to interventions that will deliver the highest rate of reduction of offending and crime. Divest in programs for which there is no evidence of efficacy.

Support victims

Evidence indicates that there is a genuine benefit to incorporating practices that emphasise victim engagement, empowerment, and restitution.